Good Job Workforce Singapore!

The terms “retrenchment”, “redundancy” and “layoffs” are so common these days that I’m sure everyone of us would know someone that’s been affected at some point in their career.

Being in the recruitment profession, I guess we hear a lot more of these from candidates and friends.

In one of my recent meetings with some my counterparts in the industry, I came to hear of this wonderful scheme by Workforce Singapore to support PMETs that’s been recently retrenched or has been out of job for 6 months or more.

It’s called the Career Support Programme (CSP).

I was impressed with how the programme’s ability to deliver assistance in a way that creates a more sustainable outcome, as compared to just giving handouts to those who’s lost their jobs.

Basically, the incentives are targeted at companies to encourage them to hire PMET candidates that’s been retrenched or out of job for more than 6 months. Companies can reimburse the salaries of up to SGD2,800 a month depending on which category their new hire comes from.

The mechanics of it is genius! Administering the aid at the company level help create the demand, which in turn improves the marketability of the candidates. What’s more, smaller companies (SMEs) are now able to get access to qualified candidates at a lower cost, which will benefit them in the longer run.

I don’t know when this program was first introduced. I believe it was rolled out in mid Q4 2016, and I’ve only heard about it now.

This is an amazing program which I think companies should try take advantage of. As such, I think it’s only right that I do a bit an “advertisement” for Workforce Singapore by providing you this link to the website:

For those readers who’s been recently retrenched, and or working hard to find employment for the last 6 months, here’s a link for you to find out more:

I would also recommend that you the link and information with your future employers that you’re interviewing with. It’s a good program and I hope that this would help you in your job search!

Good luck and all the best.

Ps. This program is only applicable for Singaporeans and Companies operating in Singapore, however I think this is an excellent policy and blog worthy to share with all of you!

Also, please excuse/ pardon me for using the words “program” and “programme” interchangeably. I’ve reached a point where my I cannot differentiate between US and UK standards anymore! 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Eric Wong

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

Eric Wong is APAC Head of Talent Acquisition Leader at Fitbit. His experience spans across the various human resource functions such as HR Information Systems, Business Partnering and Talent Management. Eric currently sits on the Advisory Board of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Connect with him on Linkedin or follow him on Twitter @ErickyWong.


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