I am #HeForShe – For my baby girl

Dear Baby Audrey,

Although you are too young to understand this, and the significance of gender equality, I want you to know that this is a very important issue and this is something that daddy feels very strongly about.

Daddy is a recruiter and in my line of work, my decision and judgement directly impacts many peoples’ opportunity in getting a job that they’ve applied for. While this is part of life, I want you to know that the world that I want for you is one that values merits and ability over gender, race or age.

The world is never a fair place, but that shouldn’t stop us from making it so.

Daddy attended a talk by Auntie Selena from Schneider Electric today, and she’s shared with us what Schneider is doing in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion.

Auntie Selena introduced the #HeForShe campaign initiated by UN Women which daddy found to be very meaningful. It may be a small gesture to pledge my support, but every little bit counts. Daddy’s # 1421299 to make the HeForShe commitment and together we’re going to change the world.

According to The World Economic Forum, The Global Gender Report 2014, gender equality in the workplace won’t be achieved until 2095. That will be too long a wait and you will be well over 70 years old by 2095.

While you’re fortunate to be living in a time where there’s a strong awareness for the idea of gender equality, we need to continue to work on this until a time where this becomes a reality.

I enjoyed going through the #HeForShe campaign website as it contains a lot of useful information and friendly reminders that we could often overlook. One of daddy’s favourite which I am committed to doing at work is “Open the Door” – When hiring, insist on seeing diverse candidates for every position. Then be aware of how names and other identifying information can produce a subtle bias in hiring decisions.”

This is daddy’s letter to you baby Audrey, and I think it will be many years before you can read this. One day, Daddy will read this to you during your bedtime. Meanwhile, I would like to share this letter on Daddy’s blog in hope that this would encourage more people to take the pledge, and more importantly commit in action to gender equality.

Ps. And one more thing baby Audrey, #HeForShe doesn’t mean that you can bully your brother or your friends in school. Be nice to them!

Love, Daddy

For those readers who’s decided to pledge their commitment to #HeForShe, do drop a comment on this blog. Together, we can make a difference!

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Eric Wong is APAC Head of Talent Acquisition Leader at Fitbit. His experience spans across the various human resource functions such as HR Information Systems, Business Partnering and Talent Management. Eric currently sits on the Advisory Board of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Connect with him on Linkedin or follow him on Twitter @ErickyWong.