Show me the Talents!

Just want to pen down some thoughts after all that hiring and reading. Do we really know what we are talking when we refer to “Talents”? Or is it a really just an exciting buzzword? Are we hiring on a “best fit” strategy? Or are we really hiring on “meet criteria” strategy? 

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. In this industry, technical knowledge and niche experience creates that competitive advantage which will eventually distinguish you from the competitors. Here comes the big “But!”…  When you are hiring for a manufacturing setup, the “Best Fit” approach is constantly challenged by the need to fill the numbers. The real truth is when the industry is met with the challenge of a “Talent Crunch”, the natural approach is to find the next best fit. How many of us had been in situations where we had to make do with less than qualified candidates?  I agree that hiring unproven candidates with the right potential has its advantages over getting proven talents. I guess the key to a successful staffing strategy is to determine the right balance of speed vs. fit. The ability to put in place the right ratio of the experienced and inexperienced is an essential part of the staffing plan. Are we ready for such level of operational partnering? Thoughts anyone?